Sunday, September 1, 2013

Steel Bars and Metal Plates

First things first, my name is Dan Sandino Real Cipriano and I want to be a writer. I've created blogs before, but, I ended up deleting those blogs because it never really had a clear direction. I was writing alright, but, it didn't make any sense. It was just a collection of random bullshit that leads to more bullshit.

Now, I know what I want to do with my blog. It'll just be a collection of photos and some words that spew out of my mind. Oh, and NO! I am not a photographer and I have no intentions of becoming one. I just happen to own a DSLR camera and take photos and shit. Yeah, i'm one of those pretentious bastards with an expensive camera.

Most of the photos that you'll be seeing on this blog are beauty shots. It's the kind of beauty that makes you want to stick a finger down your throat after every meal. It's the kind of beauty that makes you want to go under the knife. It's the kind of beauty that is not real. Yes, I am talking about airbrushed beauty that can only be achieved through photoshop.

Let's start by introducing you to my current muse, Bangs. It's always a delight to have her in front of my camera.

I love how she's always game for an impromptu shoot. Sometimes, she's the one who insists on doing a shoot. I like when she does that because there are times that I'm just too lazy and I forget to feed my passion.

I still have a lot of photos to share and I can't wait to have another shoot with Bangs. You can practically drag her anywhere and she has no qualms whatsoever with locations. I'll update as regularly as I can. That's a promise to myself.

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