Monday, September 23, 2013

Hashtag #ROAR

It's been quite a while since Bangs and I did an impromptu photoshoot. Now that I'm back in the night shift and we have the same schedule, it's easier for us to do so. She just got a new pair of shoes from her teammate and she wanted to show it off. We didn't know what goes well with the pair of shoes she got, so I just had her wear my baseball shirt and she matched it with short shorts.

Location was a challenge since the weather has been crazy and all lately. Good thing a friend of ours invited us over to her place and we noticed this quaint little (well not-so little really) house in front of theirs. There was a tiger statue in their front lawn and all I can think of was Katy Perry's Roar, hence, the blog title.

We did the shoot early morning and every time natural light hit Bangs's legs it would just shine and shimmer minus the Twilight effect shiz.

I found myself another model. He's the little warrior who crept his way into my heart. I remember when we first met which is more than a year ago, he was cranky and had tantrums because he wasn't feeling well. Being the anti-kid person that I am, I got annoyed by him and I kept giving him a crazy fcuk quarter-aged person stare. Now, he is my favorite kid in the world.

He is Monch. I call him the little warrior because even when he is not feeling well, he would still play a lot and never lose his love for imaginary adventure. Ah, to be a kid again.

Here he is playing with his Tita Bangs. They have a love-hate relationship. Whenever he is not feeling well, he ignores Bangs and refuses to talk to her. But, when he's in the mood, he cannot get enough of his Tita Bangs.

Bangs is such a natural when it comes to kids. I, on the hand, am a different story. I have a default dislike for kids. It's like I was never a kid before. The screaming, the tantrums, the running around and the never ending questions just annoy the shiz out of me. Not for Monch though. This kid managed to let out the paternal instinct in me.

Now, if I can only be like the kid-lover that I am to Monch to every other kids out there, then maybe I would look at life differently. Maybe, just maybe.

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